What I learned from the response about my Annotations comrade assignment.

My annotation assignment partner gave a lot of helpful feedback about the assignment that I had designed.   The poem was one of her favorites about activism and overcoming injustice, she said, and that let me know that this is a topic close to her heart and within her interest of studies so I felt glad that I was able to provide a material that was relevant to my audience.  My annotation partner had difficulty getting to the poem in order to make annotations on-line because I did not include a link in the post which included the assignment, and this was very important information that she shared with me because I wouldn’t want to make this mistake with future students.  Rather than ask students to look up the poem on the website, it would be far better to include the link on the assignment post.  The analysis about the poem was very thoughtful and scholarly (it was really good!) but what I was concerned with was the emotional reaction about the issues and relatability, which I did get too!  My assignment partner recognizes that minority women within feminism face another layer of oppression, and questions how feminism may be able to better encompass these issues in the future.  I think that my assignment directions may not have been clear enough because my partner was under the impression that I wished her to write a poem, which would be far too much to ask!  What I had wanted was for the future students in my class to add a poem to a class website from poems that have already been written, so that each student had posted a poem to the site that they liked, and we could then study those poems for a future assignment.  I should have been more clear about what I was asking and so I am grateful that this was brought to my attention.  My annotations partner ended the assignment by recognizing that not much has changed since the poem was written, especially with regards to women’s rights.  It would be a good idea in the future to ask students what they would like to see changed and how we might go about enacting change so that students can end the assignment with a feeling of hope and agency, which was my goal.  Thank you so much to my annotations assignment partner and to this assignment!  The lessons learned here are very valuable and will be employed in the future!

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