Learning with the “Flipped” Classroom

How do you foster Deeper Disciplinary Learning with the “Flipped” Classroom? (Journal: New Directions for Teaching and Learning) by Angela Bauer and Aeron Haynie

In the humanities, we have long been engaging in performing low-tech versions of the “flipped” classroom.  The flipped classroom is when classroom content is mostly covered outside of the classroom and the classroom is used for engaging and experimenting with the material.  Students learn better at their own pace, which strengthens the argument that the classroom should be used for coaching and activities, and reading and lecture should be done in other ways.

This article does explain that a combination of face to face involvement and classroom time is best for engaging students.  Some ideas are presented about how to give an online lecture, and the article suggests engaging students with quizzes or reading questions, and electronic discussions so that students come to class having already read and engaged with the material.  The classroom is then used for “behind the scenes work.”

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